chapter  38
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An analysis of the playing patterns of the Japan national team in the 1994 World Cup qualifying match for Asia

Sport managers are working in an ever increasing competitive environment. By attracting visitors who spend money in an area the overall economic benefit may fully justify expenditure from public monies. The justifications can be measured in a number of ways; an awareness of these different analyses can help any managers of football events in deciding the efficacy of the particular event. Sporting bodies are now regularly being asked to justify their demands on the public purse for demonstrable community benefit, economic soundness and profitability. Revenues that should be included in the analysis include: sponsorship, Government funds, TV rights, registration fees, ticket sales, catering rights, ground signage, and programme sales. When determining costs the key areas are: organisational costs, capital cost of upgrading or building, operational costs. The promoter of a football event who can display financial professional as well as promoting the social and cultural benefits of the event should be better placed to achieve both public and private support.