chapter  40
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Bivariate analysis of the repeatability of football offensive schemes

This chapter examines the extent to which the 'Trainee' system in professional soccer in England and Wales has had a similar impact on the stock of 'contract professionals'. It does so by comparing and contrasting player statistics for two seasons, 1982-83, the last season before the advent of the new 'trainee' system and 1993-94, the last season for which near comparable data are available. Empirical studies of the operation and consequences of Youth Training Scheme (YTS)/Youth Training (YT) have indicated that the schemes had important quantitative effects. The chapter analysis the increased importance of the "trainee" route into the 'Football League' for clubs in the lower divisions, referred to as the "other" clubs. There were several statistically significant differences observed in central variables between the two periods. These statistics illustrate the extent to which recruitment from traineeships has had a particular impact upon the stock of contract professionals in clubs in the lower divisions.