chapter  1
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A comparison of fitness characteristics of elite and non-elite Gaelic football players

This chapter describes some structural and functional characteristics of elite Turkish female soccer players and to make comparisons with other data on female soccer players. The Turkish female soccer league started for the first time in 1994 and now is continuing with growing interest throughout the country. Evaluation of elite athletes is one means of determining characteristics that contribute to performance. Besides structural aspects such as somatotype and body composition, the balance between anaerobic and aerobic power is a primary concern in soccer. Somatotype was determined by the Heath-Carter method. Aerobic power was estimated using the Multistage 20 m Shuttle Run test and anaerobic power was obtained by using the vertical Jump Test and Lewis Nomogram. The whole group compared well on body composition with other nation's female athletes, though vertical jump and anaerobic power were moderate. The intensity of female soccer competition and club training in Turkey seems that enthusiastic players should perform individual conditioning programmes to improve fitness.