chapter  21
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Elizabeth Wilson, 'Into the Labyrinth' (1991)

This chapter examines some of the implications of industrial reorganization, and in particular to focuses on the impact of industrial change on social change, and especially on class structure. If industrial reorganization is necessary in order to drag the British economy out of the long-term decline in which it is locked, so also is a change, in one direction or another, in the balance of social forces. Class reconstruction is central to getting out of the crisis', on whoever's terms this eventually happens. And industrial restructuring' is a process of class restructuring; it is one of the mechanisms by which the social structure is re-shaped, social relations changed and the basis for political action broken down or reconstructed. The chapter shows aspects of the industrial change of the last two decades the well known, geographical decentralization of jobs for women'. It involves both intraregional decentralization away from conurbations, and inter-regional shifts to peripheral areas.