chapter  22
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Gill Valentine, '(Hetero)Sexing Space: Lesbian Perceptions and Experiences of Everyday Spaces' (1993)

This chapter examines a set of questions about men and women's lived experience at work, looking at ways in which economic geographers, might begins to focus on cultural aspects of economic change in investigating the social construction of labor power and its gendered attributes. While a considerable set of questions arising from feminization demand investigation from regional variations in growth rates to the impact of women's labor force entry on spatial patterns of demand for housing and other consumer goods. The chapter argues that not only are everyday social relations in the workplace imbued with notions of power and domination in a general sense, but also that particular ideas about sexuality are key mechanisms in the maintenance of women's occupational segregation. For women in senior positions in merchant banks, their gender and appearance is at odds with the masculinist nature of the occupation that they fill and the tasks they perform.