chapter  1
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The Perceptanalytic Dream System (PDS) as a Tool in Personality Assessment

It is astonishing that what is now the Perceptanalytic Dream System (PDS) was written for a very different purpose and without any thought of night dreams (Piotrowski, 1950, 1952, 1952a). These interpretive rules were originally published for use with the Thematic Apperception Test stories. The discovery that these rules produced even more highly valid and significant results with night dreams was a case of serendipity. Albert M. Biele provided the dreams which I interpreted "blind", that is, without any knowledge of the dreamer or his problems. Dr. Biele also evaluated the accuracy of the personality assessment that emerged (Piotrowski & Biele, 1973). One day I used the TAT rules and the relevance and high validity of the TAT rules applied blindly, was surprising and repeatedly demonstrated.