chapter  2
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Current Research in the Comprehensive Rorschach System

This chapter presents current Rorschach research cast in the Comprehensive System (Exner, 1974, 1978; Exner, Weiner, Schuyler, 1979). The Comprehen­ sive System is an integration of the five major Rorschach systems in common usage in the United States (Exner, 1969). It incorporates the most useful and reliably scorable indices from these other approaches. Supplementing these are selected variables whose interscorer reliability has been demonstrated and that have meaningful psychological correlates. Much of the understanding of the inherited variables comes from other systems, but a great portion of the valida­ tion work remains to be accomplished. In addition, although most of the previous research has been adequately designed and interpreted, much has not met accept­ able standards. Consequently, Exner and his coworkers have undertaken the task