chapter  4
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The Eysenck Psychoticism Scale

The possibility that psychotic characteristics may fonn part of nonnal variation, though an old idea, is one which is now beginning to receive increasingly fonnal attention from workers in the field of personality. As we shall see later, there are several historical and theoretical reasons for this upsurge of interest, but one of its prime movers, in psychology at least, is certainly Eysenck-or, to be more correct, the Eysencks; for the current revival of Hans Eysenck's original notion of psychoticism as a third dimension of personality has been very much a husband and wife venture, with Sybil Eysenck playing a prominent role. Together the Eysencks, with characteristic energy and single-mindedness, are now rapidly pushing forward work on their new dimension; equally characteristically, the Pscale, which is the pivot of their research, has generated considerable controversy.