chapter  10
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Genital exhibitionism is usually an act performed by a male who shows his naked genitals in a more or less public place to an unsuspecting and/or unwilling female. He mayor may not masturbate to climax. About half do so. The occurrence of such behavior in females is rare and when it occurs, it has usually been asssociated with mental retardation or mental illness36 37. Some men, especially exhibitionists, may argue that women expose but it is socially acceptable. The traditional burlesque strip show usually presents a host of females who disrobe for a predominantly male audience. Moreover, women in general are allowed to show varying amounts of their breasts in public places without penalty as well. Some patients have expressed anger over this apparent injustice. Mr. N, a university student charged for the first time with indecent exposure opened his initial clinical interview:

Indecent exposure is among the most common sexual offenses but the severity of this problem is viewed differently in various locales and times'7. Frequently, it is considered a nuisance rather than a serious crime. It is

unclear how often it is even reported. It constitutes about one third of sexual offences appearing before the courts,62 12 IS 16 making it major in the area of sexual anomalies. However, outside Europe and America, it appears nonexistent" .