chapter  2
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Assessment of Erotic Preferences

Assessment of sexual anomalies is often difficult because there are so many theoretical preconceptions and so few facts. Moreover, about half of clinical cases present more than one anomalous behavior7 ! and the clinician is faced with making sense of the seemingly infinite combinations of behaviors. Some theorists have prematurely linked anomalies that may have occurred in a patient by chance. The large number of physiological measures used as indices of erotic arousal has also served to confuse the assessment process l1O •

Order can be imposed and solutions to these problems derived by examining orgasmic preferences. That is, how does the individual prefer to have his sexual climax. Usually the most frequent behavior leading to orgasm reflects this preference but not always. A married man can have intercourse thousands of times with his wife and yet prefer young boys with whom he may only have risked contact a dozen times.