chapter  4
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Variable Selection in Rorschach Research

Rorschach's Psychodiagnostics was published in 1921. And, for the next 50 years, clinical scholars who regarded his test as a useful assessment instmment had their hands full defending it against harsh criticism. Rorschach loyalists typically defended the test by enumerating the inadequacies of the research studies that criticized it (see Blatt, 1975; Hertz, 1934; Holt, 1967; Piotrowski, 1937; Weiner, 1972, 1977). There was a time when so much energy was being expended on defense that one wondered if a Rorschach offense would ever take the field, and there was reason to wony whether the tide would turn before defections to more favored fields of study had fatally thinned the ranks of Rorschach researchers.