chapter  3
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Turfgrass growth and physiology

This chapter presents the plant health and protection professionals an integrated approach to the management and control of weeds, diseases and insect pests of turf. Weeds, diseases and pests interfere with the production of high quality turf surfaces and can be very expensive to control. Sometimes the approach to control is simplified, and reliant on one method of control. Chemical controls discuss with local supplier but make sure that these comply with local regulations concerning usage and that due care is taken to assess any potential risks to the environment. Chemical control has often meant only the use of pesticides, but it should also include the use of chemicals such as attractants and sex pheromones. In an attempt to overcome the reliance on pesticides and also to address environmental and occupational health and safety concerns, there has been a philosophical shift towards the implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) or best management practices (BMP) systems.