chapter  8
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Turfgrass nutrition and fertilisers

This chapter deals with two types of surface preparation, first for tournament play, and secondly for a 'typical' members golf club in normal circumstances. It looks at the standards and expectations desirable for differing forms of golf play, but they are an end product of the preparation process. Components of integrated management systems include golf course design, construction, correct turfgrass selection, growing medium management, surface maintenance, and mowing, fertilising, irrigation and pest management. It must be treated as part of the management approach taken for the golf course and linked with basic agronomic conditions and other primary maintenance practices. Golf course management primarily deals with growing medium and turfgrass surfaces. Key factors in basic agronomic condition of the growing medium and best practice integrated management systems for the golf course are the construction of the golf course, selection of materials and selection of turfgrasses. Guidelines given with respect to construction and selection utilizes when undertaking reconstruction, renovation and upgradation.