chapter  11
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Turfgrass facility business and administration

This chapter considers the platform for racing and how the management of the turf on this surface is different from that of other grass playing surfaces. It explains the background of looking at the impact of the regulations under which racing operates, the construction of racecourses, the requirements for uniformity, the measurement of the quality of the racing surface, the soils and grasses used, the maintenance practices, and finally, the renovation practices. For centuries horse racing has been undertaken on informal racecourses with little special preparation and few considerations made to the layout and construction of the racing surface. The renovation of racing surfaces occurs for many reasons, some peculiar to racing, others common to all turfgrass surfaces. All of these problems need to be addressed and as part of the normal maintenance, it needs to be undertaken as part of a renovation program. Frequently it is not seen from the surface as the grass cover hides the indentations.