chapter  17
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Prescription surface development: Sportsfield and arena management

Introduction Turf quality and turf survival determine the playing and use characteristics of all grassed areas and reflect how weIl the grass is surviving in its particular environment. The turf environment indudes soil type, fertility, grass species/cultivar, management and wear, and each one separately or collectively can have a significant effect on turf quality. The foundation of all turf areas is the soil used in construction; and soil selection is a critical factor in determining the long-term quality of the turf. The use of inferior soils with poor drainage and aeration or soil profiles that are too shallow does not provide an environment for satisfactory growth, particularly under conditions of high use. The use of poor quality soils is common and it often occurs in sportsfields subjected to, or intended for, heavy use. The long-term maintenance needs of such areas are high, however sufficient resources are often not available to provide an adequate maintenance level and a poor quality surface is the result.