chapter  18
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Prescription surface development: Racetrack management

Introduction Racing of horses has been apart of the culture of many countries for centuries and is enjoyed by many millions of people across the world. It occurs in the tropics, the sub tropics and the temperate zones. It is followed ardently by people of all races, colours and creeds. It is undertaken in various forms from the highly formalised to the unstructured, with participants from the wealthiest to the poorest of the society. It is colourful, fast and exciting with the image of horses racing against one another at breakneck speed featuring in many people's minds as strongly as any athletic performance by highly trained men and/or women. Vast amounts of money are wagered on the outcome of horse races and prize monies for the winning owners can be very substantial. In Australia, the entire nation stops work for the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November each year.