chapter  VII
The Journey of the Dead in the Pacific Islands
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Straits is Kibu , which means, Sun-down, and, as Dr. Haddon(a) points out, a very practical reason why these islanders should place the land of the dead in the West is that for two-thirds of the year the Trade winds blow from the South-East, and thus would bear the departing spirits towards the North­ west . The ghosts would be too weak to battle against an adverse wind. The fact, however, that the Isles of the Blest are usually placed in the West, as we shall see later, shows that there is some more widespread and universal cause for the choice of their situation, and it seems clear that even to the most primi­ tive savage there appears to be some mysterious link between the sun, which is one of the chief sources of life on this planet, and the lives of man. The Kibu of the Torres Straits clearly corresponds with the Western Paradise of the Chinese and the Island of the Blest in the Hung ritual.