chapter  XI
The Journey of Gilgamish to the West
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Finally the goddess relented sufficiently to advise him to go down to the sea shore (which was in sight of her fortress), and ask Ur-Shanabi, (the Boat­ man of Uta-Napishtim) who was there, to take him across the sea in his boat, So Gilgamish sought for Ur-Shanabi until he found him, but that worthy3 at first answered him very much as Sabitu had done.4 At length, however, he agreed to take him with him if he would go with his axe into the forest and cut down a number of poles, sixty cubits long5. When he had done so and had handed them over to the boatman, the latter permitted him to come aboard his boat6 and they journeyed thereon for one month and fifteen days .7