chapter  XIV
A Persian Version of the Framework
Pages 8

The hero then set out again and ultimately reached Jerusalem, where he met a learned man, Affan, who had found in his books of magic that whoso wore Solomon’s ring could compel the obedience of all created things. He had further discovered that this ring was on Solomon’s finger, and that the great King was laid in a coffin which had been miraculously transported to a place of burial beyond the seven seas. He also knew that a herb existed which if pressed and rubbed on the feet gave a man the power of walking over the seven seas, and that it could only be obtained by the help of the Queen of the Serpents. When the Sage learnt that Bulukiya knew the Island of the Queen of the Serpents his joy knew no bounds, and they decided to capture the Queen and compel her to assist them in finding what they desired. As all herbs im­ mediately became vocal in the presence of the Queen, when they chanced to pass the spot where it was growing it betrayed its presence.