chapter  XXI
The Graal Legends and the Journey Through the Underworld
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Branch IV deals with sundry other unpleasant experiences of Sir Gawain the nature of which indicate that he is supposed to be in the Eastern half of the Middle Kingdom of the Underworld. The most important of these is in Title 7, where we are told of his adventures in the Castle of the Proud Maiden.8 Here he was shown three tombs and was told that they were prepared for the three best knights in the world, namely himself, Sir Lancelot and Sir Perceval. He also discovered that the Proud Maiden had set a trap to slay them all, so he quietly escaped, whereupon the Maiden bade fifteen knights to pursue him, but they said that it would be of no avail. Thereon she cried out, that she had thereby lost the three knights for ever.4