chapter  VI
The White Cock
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Finally, before leaving this subject, it is well to bring to mind the title of the “Thieves Society,” of which details were given in Appendix 3 in Vol. I . The Society is called “The Three Dots Brotherhood,” which probably refers to the three dots, representing three drops of water, which were depicted on each side of the obelisk set up over the grave of Wan Yun Lung. In view, however, of the importance of dotting the tablet at a funeral with cock’s blood, it seems probable that there is a reference to this custom in the name of the brotherhood, for we see from the ritual that towards the end of the ceremony the initiates are supposed to be ghosts, since they go round the Lodge the reverse way of the Sun. As the corpse of a cock plays an even more prominent part in the rites of this Society than it does in the original Hung ceremony, there seems good reason to think that the title of the brotherhood is indeed connected with this funeral custom, though in what precise way we cannot as yet decide.