chapter  10
Chez Pauline
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The specialities Chez Pauline are many; for Monsieur Genin is a most conscientious and hard~working chef. Every day of the week there is a different Plat du Jour. Thus, you will find on

Monday: Tuesday:

Wednesdo/ :

Tbursdo/ :

Saturday: Sundo/ :

Boeuf Bourguigon Cote de Boeuf au Gratin Dauphinois

and Poule au Gros Sel Jambon de Morvan en Croute and

Blanquette de Veau Gigot d' Agneau and

Petit Sale aux Choux Matelote d' Anguille Bourguignonne

and Boeuf Gros Sel Poulet Saute aux Dues de Bourgogne Ris de Veau en Crotte

Monsieur Genin is also celebrated for his way of preparing Quenelles de Brochet Nantua; Steak au Poivre Flambe, and numerous delicious desserts such as Gateau de Ris (I give here Monsieur Genin's French recipe for this essentially English dessert), Moka Maison, and Gateau de Framboises.