chapter  13
A L' Alliance
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THIS EXCELLENT BISTRO is one of my most recent discoveries. It is situated close to La Bourse (the Stock Exchange) and the Bibliotheque Nationale.

A bistro-as I have stated in the Fore\vord-is, in the original sense of the word, a small place where you eat simply and are rapidly served. There remain few bistros, however, where you are served so quickly and efficiently as at l' Alliance: as for the question of eating simply, that is another matter for you to decide for yourself. A I' Alliance caters a great deal, at lunch-time, for the harrassed brokers who come to eat the Plat du Jour and then dash back to the tape recorder. It has been my own experience to be served too rapidly in this bistro. But Le Patron assured me that if I were not in a hurrv then I should say so and relax and restore myself in peace and comfort.