chapter  21
Chope Danton
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THIS IS A very simple, very good little bistro restaurant. There is no pretension about it whatever. It is plainly furnished -mirrors on the walls, sawdust on the floors, paper tablecloths. It is crowded, busy and bustling, and at lunch-time is always full of businessmen, artists and doctors as well as students from the nearby Ecole de Medecine, so I advise you to reserve a table. There is a real zinc where connoisseurs of wine foregather to sip the vins de provenance directe for which the Chope Danton is famous. Monsieur Moissonnier, the former owner-Monsieur and Madame Privat now run the restaurant-earned a wide reputation for the excellence of his wines, which may be had in carcifes, half and quarter carcifes. So if you wish to experiment you can choose betweenSancerre, Macon, Montagny, Saumur, Chateau Etoile, Chateau Chalon (a rarity) and Champagne Nature among the whites; and St. Nicholas de Bourgeuil, Brouilly, Fleurie, Arbois, Volnay and others among the reds.