chapter  35
Chez Max
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Max is a smiling, happy looking, podgy little man. He supervises in the kitchen and himself prepares the specialities and dishes ordered in advance by the epicures who are in regular attendance. His charming young wife serves in the small restaurant with the help of one waiter. The decor is simple and neat: red banquettes, small tables, mirrors on the apple-green walls, and bouquets of flowers. There is an inviting little bar where Max greets his faithful clientele to taste a glass of his special Vouvray wine; for Max is a native of Touraine. Hence his great selection of wines from the Loire valley. Apart from the Vouvrays, you can choose from a long list, including Pouilly Fume, Sancerre, Chavignol, Sauvignon, Reuilly, QUincy, Muscadet, Chinon, Bourgeuil, Saumur, and

124 CHEZ MAX Rose and Rouge de Cabemet. There are, of course, some excellent Beaujolais wines as well. And if you feel that Max's dishes require a fine vintage Burgundy or Bordeaux wine then you have a very impressive wine list to choose from.