Gratification of the Senses
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It is also said that some of these castrati later on became some of the celebrated tenors of the operatic stage.

Gratification of the Senses "Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest-for that is

thy portion in this life-" (Eccl. ix, 9), said Solomon, and he gave us a glowing direction in his Song of Songs how to rejoice with a wife. *

Vulgar people think that sexual gratification consists merely or even mainly in coition; but this is placing a very low estimate on the tenderest and sweetest relationship in life; this is but the lowest element in the psychology of love, and while necessary to a complete union of the sexes, and necessary for the God-ordained purpose of love-procreation, the enjoyment produced by the gratification of other senses forms a nobler and more spiritual sexual companionship. Sexual pleasure, to be complete, demands that all the senses be gratified; each sense is to contribute its share to the total pleasure; "Be thou ravished" -says the Bible.