Sexual Union Among Deities
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And in these days, when the question of "votes for women" is so much and so favorably diseussed and acted upon, the following, from Persia, is refreshing and encouraging: Babi or Baby is a modern Persian seet. Persia is the least orthodox of the Mohammedan lands, for the prophet hirns elf is considered second to his suceessor, Ali, and his sons. It was founded by Teyed Mohammed Ali, assisted by three apostles and one woman, Zerryn-Taj, better known as Gourred-Oul-Ayn ("eonsolation of the eyes") bestowed in admiration of her exeeeding loveliness. The doctrines are pantheistie, their morality is pure and cheerful and women are treated better than by any other Asiatic people. Concubinage and polygamy are forbidden, as weIl as asceticism and mendicancy. A council of nineteen members presides over the seet and it is a rule that at least one member of this council shall be a woman.