chapter  II
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The Ban

I CAl'Ia: on the verandah .i list beforc thc :mn rose on the mOl'row. l\'ly huuse was the last on the cast; there was a cape of woods and cljffs behind tImt hid thc Hunrise . Tu tbe west, a swift cold riverran down, and beyond was the green of the village, dotted with cocoa-palms and Lreadfruits ,LIld houses. The shutters were some of them down and some open; I saw thc mosquito bars still stretched, with shado\\Ts of people new-awakened sitting up inside; and a11 over the green otlter:; wcre stalking silent, '\:Tapped in their many-coloured sleeping clothes like Bedouins in :Bible pictures. It was mortal still and solemn and cbilly, and , the light of thc dawn on the lagoon was like tbe shining of a fire.