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Madame Blavatsky

WithSax Rohmer

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky claimed to be the chosen priestess of the “Wisdom Religion”—the most ancient cult in the world. Some of the phenomenal feats recorded of Madame Blavatsky during her sojourn in Allahabad and elsewhere are worth recalling. Due recognition of the own ignorance is the first essential step toward wisdom, for only he who knows himself a fool can hope to become a wise man. In 1884 Madame Blavatsky left India and came to Europe. According to the theosophists, Madame Blavatsky “set to work on Isis without knowing anything about the magnitude of the task she was undertaking. “The book Isis was written at New York, where Madame Blavatsky was utterly unprovided with books of reference. It teems with references to books of all sorts, and with quotations the exactitude of which may easily be verified at the great European libraries, as foot-notes supply the numbers of the pages from which the passages taken are quoted.”.