chapter  4
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The Role of the Bund 1966–1969

WithCesare Onestini

This chapter analyses the emerging and growing role of the Federal government in higher education policy-making. The Lander had established in the course of the 1960s a strong hold on higher education which can be characterised as a policy community. It considers the new challenges facing the higher education system in the years 1966–69, the growth in students’ numbers and the confrontation with students’ movements; these new factors will be seen as the causes of a fundamental realignment within the higher education policy network. The chapter also looks at the quantitative expansion of universities and the related financial question. Finally, it examines the new role of the Bund, and shows how the Bund, from then on, entered the higher education policy network not as a unitary actor, but as a group of different institutional actors each functioning in separate segments of the policy area.