chapter  6
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Financing Hochschulpolitik

WithCesare Onestini

Hochschulpolitik is no exception: indeed the financial provisions pertaining to the policy area and their evolution over time provide us with a clear view of the effects of federalism in dividing competence and segmenting the decision-making process. Decisions on the use of funding for research and teaching are a part of the universities’ rights of self-administration. Capital investment in higher education is obviously one of the key aspects when considering the development of Planungsauschuß at a time of continuous increase in students numbers. The necessary decisions are taken by a Planning Committee (Planungsauschuß), which includes the Federal Minister for Education and Science, the Federal Minister for Finance and one Minister from each Land. The decisions taken by the Planungsausschuß have to be ordered into specific provisions into the governments’ budgets, and occasionally the Bundestag or the finance ministries can intervene and influence the adoption of the final plan.