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Scott College

WithWilliam T. Mallon

This chapter presents Scott College, which moved from contracts to tenure. A combination of circumstances and events coalesced at Scott College, permitting the president and the board to eliminate tenure. As a four-year institution, Scott College is comparatively new. A missionary petitioned the state Synod of the Presbyterian Church in 1905 to open a primary school for “those of both sexes who deserve, but yet financially unable to secure an education above the free school. Scott School operated as a primary school and then a high school until 1956, when it received accreditation as a two-year junior college. The process of change in faculty employment policy at Scott College involved three constituencies: the board of trustees, the faculty, and the administration, primarily the president. Several characteristics of the faculty are evident from the case description thus far: faculty described themselves as politically conservative and homogeneous and many came from a secondary-school or non-traditional mode.