Lakeview College
WithWilliam T. Mallon
Pages 27

Lakeview College is a mid-sized, open-admissions, urban institution that specializes in the fine and performing arts and communications. Lakeview College was founded in 1890 as the City School of Oratory. After World War II, Warren Lynch opened a radio station in Lakeview City. Lakeview’s administrators, faculty, and trustees were involved in the process of change in faculty employment policies. Several faculties described the internal structure of the college as a tripartite system, with three unique “nodes” or constituencies: central administration, the chairs, and faculty. Lakeview College is nestled amid towering skyscrapers, hotels, museums and cultural venues, and a lakeside park in an historic downtown area. As the college grew and matured over 30 years, newer faculty members exerted pressure for more traditional models of collegiate governance. In spring 1995, Lakeview College Faculty Association appointed a Committee on Faculty Status, including 10 faculty, 2 chairs, the academic dean, and a consultant.