chapter  XII
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Modern Bali and the Future

WithMiguel Covarrubias

Bali was only conquered by the Dutch in 1908, but long before that the libraries of Holland had been filling slowly with scholarly volumes on the liteRature, the archæology, and the religion of Bali. However, the remote little island only became news to the rest of the Western world with the advent of a series of documentary films of Bali with a strong emphasis on sex appeal. These films were a revelation and now everybody knows that Balinese girls have beautiful bodies and that the islanders lead a musical-comedy sort of life full of weird, picturesque rites. Nicodemus was the servant and pupil of the first missionary who came to Bali. He allowed himself to be baptized in the service of the missionary, but time went by and no other converts could be made, so the missionary began to bring pressure upon Nicodemus to baptize others.