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Part II From implications to application

Part II, the central section of the book, contains a wide range of practical classroom activities directly derived from the theory of the L2 Motivational Self System. As we saw in Part I, this theory has three ‘pillars’: the Ideal L2 Self, the Ought-to L2 Self and the enjoyment of the L2 Learning Experience. It is clear that the third element is conceptualised on a diff erent level from the other two: the Ideal L2 Self and the Ought-to L2 Self are both described as future self-guides, whereas the learning experience is external to the self and thus represents a diff erent area of motivation. Furthermore, the impact of the learning environment concerns such a huge area – for example, curriculum, choice of activities, teacher roles and attitudes, group dynamics – that we felt that it would be diffi cult to translate this into a meaningful selection of ready-to-use activities. These considerations led to the decision that the bulk of the material in this book (in Part II) will focus on the ideal and ought-to self-guides, and the motivational impact of the learning experience will be discussed only briefl y and in a more discursive manner in Part III.