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Processing the interview data

Whichever interviewing method you choose, our suggestion is that you record the conversation on a digital voice recorder because you simply won’t have enough time to take notes during the interviews without losing too much of the content. Professional researchers would then transcribe the recorded texts (which is very time-consuming), but for action research it is usually enough to take notes while you listen to the recordings and mark parts of the data (e.g. by jotting down the counter position or the exact time in seconds) that are particularly useful so that you may be able to go back to them later. With regard to analysing the interview data and reporting the fi ndings, there are several variations depending on your exact purpose (please refer to the recommended books below), but a qualitative report usually contains a balanced mixture of the researcher’s insights supported by well-selected extracts from the interviews. In this way both your and your students’ voice can be heard.