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A visionary motivational programme

Our specifi c motivational programme rests on the assumption that a particularly eff ective way of motivating learners is to enable them to create an attractive vision of their future language self. This motivational programme consists of six components:

• Creating the vision: The fi rst step in a motivational intervention that follows the self approach is to encourage learners to construct their Ideal L2 Self – that is, to create an L2-related vision. The term ‘constructing’ the Ideal L2 Self is, in fact, not entirely accurate because it is highly unlikely that any motivational intervention will lead a student to generate an ideal self out of nothing; the realistic process is more likely to involve awareness raising about and guided selection from the multiple aspirations, dreams, desires, etc. that the student has already entertained in the past, while also presenting some powerful role models to illustrate potential future selves.