chapter  28
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Italy and the Breakdown of the Triple Alliance

Imp. and Roy. Government will delegate organs who will take an active part in these enquiries;

7. to arrest without delay Major Voija Tankosic´ and a certain Milan Ciganovic´, a Servian government official, both compromised by the results of the enquiry;

8. to take effective measures so as to prevent the Servian authorities from taking part in the smuggling of weapons and explosives across the frontier;

to dismiss from service and severely punish those organs of the frontier service at Schabatz and Loznica, who helped the perpetrators of the crime of Sarajevo to reach Bosnia in safety;

9. to give the Imp. and Roy. government an explanation of the unjustified remarks of high Servian functionaries in Servia as well as in foreign countries, who, notwithstanding their official positions, did not hesitate to speak in hostile terms of Austria-Hungary in interviews given just after the event of 28th June;

10. to inform the Imp. and Roy. government without delay that the measures summed up in the above points have been carried out.