chapter  4
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Professional skills: planning learning programmes to meet the needs and expectations of learners

Areas in scope in this chapter in relation to the standards for teachers, tutors and trainers working in the sector are AS 5, AS 7, BS 1, BS 2, BS 4, CS 3, DS 1, DS 2, DS 3.

The focus of this chapter is on early beginnings and some of the basics associated with getting started in practical terms. Those new to teaching, tutoring and training will benefit from completing the early tasks. The chapter offers, nearer to the end, more developed portfolio opportunities for those wishing to achieve QTLS. There are also ideas on how to use information and learning technology (ILT) that may be of use to the experienced lecturer. Advice is available for those wishing to achieve licensed teacher status. This relates specifically to the role of subject learning coaches/mentors.