chapter  12
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Continuing professional development: developing by participating in formal and informal professional activities

If you are reading this chapter because you have just achieved QTLS, congratulations. This is a worthy achievement and one of which you can be proud. A requirement for remaining in good standing as a qualified teacher is to register with the Institute for Learning (IfL) and then, on an annual basis, to engage in further study. Those who gained PGCE/Cert. Ed. qualifications some years ago may wish to achieve qualified teacher statues (QTLS). To achieve this you will be required to prepare a portfolio and engage in further study. How ‘further study’ will be defined, how much will be required and how it will be recorded are still to be decided. This chapter makes some suggestions of what, at the time of writing, the sector seems to be suggesting in relation to CPD requirements. It also proposes some ideas which it hopes the sector itself will address as the reforms gain momentum.