chapter  8
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Remediation of Reading Problems: Effects of Training at Word and Subword Levels

In trying to create order in the accumulating number of empirical studies on the remediation of reading problems, different approaches can be taken. Studies can be classified according to the type of instruction or training used, according to the reading level, the amount of reading backwardness, or the types of reading problem of their subjects. Ideally, one would prefer to combine these different approaches, but the space limits of this chapter necessitate making a choice. The approach I have adopted here is that of ordering the studies according to the linguistic level the remedial intervention was intended to influence and the linguistic units that were studied in effect evaluation. The reason for choosing this point of view is that most reading problems probably are rooted in defective language competence. If remedial reading instruction at a certain linguistic level gives better results, then this would suggest that language (in)competence at that level is important for the explanation of reading problems.