chapter  3
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The Division of the Middle East and the Roots of War

The June 1967 War was fought by the countries in the Middle East for the possession of land. France, with the Algerian War over, tried to cultivate the friendship of the Arabs. At a time of waning enthusiasm for Israel's occupation of Arab lands, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 242 on 22 November 1967. During this period Nasser led a war of attrition against Israel. Nasser had formally announced the war of attrition on 8 March 1969. Early that same year Dr George Habash, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP), founded the Free Jordan Movement with the aim of overthrowing Hussein. Anwar Sadat had noted 30 November 1972 as the day he decided to go to war. He had 'been certain that it would not be psychologically possible for the Arabs to go on gazing indefinitely at their own lands without the eruption of war'.