chapter  4
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British Paramountcy over Arabs and Zionists

On 27 October 1973, at Kilometre 101 on the road from Cairo to Suez, an Egyptian and an Israeli officer met under the auspices of the newly arrived United Nations Emergency Force, inaugurating contacts that culminated at Camp David. Divisions within the Arab world at the time of the Lebanese civil war, and American preoccupation with the presidential election campaign, gave the Israelis the opportunity to establish further settlements on the West Bank, in the Golan Heights and in Sinai. The Israelis withdrew from only part of southern Lebanon and insisted that some of their forces remained until the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon could prevent Palestinian terrorist attacks across into northern Israel. Guns of the American fleet off the coast of Lebanon were directed at Druse strongholds, in effect giving the appearance of the American marines being there to assist the Maronites in the civil war.