chapter  6
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The Arab and Zionist Cases in British and American Eyes

The pro-Israeli commander in the south of Lebanon, Haddad, died of cancer on 15 January 1984, and was succeeded by Brigadier Antoine Lahad, but Israeli hopes of an unbreachable security zone on its northern border were not realized. The PLO was still able to attack Israelis in Israel. Shamir offered no prospect of withdrawal from the occupied territories, and the Arabs insisted that there could be no peace without territorial compromise. The Palestinian delegation proposed an interim accord based on the idea that Israeli withdrawal should begin with Gaza. Moves towards implementing second stage of the Oslo Accords took place against the background of terrorist attacks on Israelis and further Israeli settlement programmes in occupied territories, including plans to seize Arab-owned land in East Jerusalem to construct Jewish neighbourhoods and facilities. Palestinian security forces co-operated with the entry of Israeli Defence Forces into Palestinian villages with the aim of arresting suspects.