chapter  2
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The defence of Britain

The shape of Pevensey Bay has changed markedly since first the Romans and then the Normans had landed here. The flat area north of Pevensey itself that shows up as a dark shape north-east of Eastbourne on the geological map in the South Coast Handbook was then a lagoon dominated in the west by the peninsula on which the castle was built. Transport Fleet D sailed from Boulogne. A ring of defences is marked around Pevensey Castle and on the roads fanning out from there pillboxes and anti-aircraft installations are marked. The whole battle had been observed in detail from the look-out post in Pevensey Castle and accurate estimates of the nature of the landing force had been passed to divisional headquarters. The Polegate detachment rode off equally briskly and similarly in parade-ground formation. The route took them over the railway line south of Stone Cross and the Pevensey garrison saw them coming.