chapter  5
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Controlling the sea and the sky

The Second Operational Objective was the line from Maldon, in Essex, to a point on the route west from London, Reading, perhaps, that would have London surrounded and the British forced to negotiate peace terms if not surrender outright. On the other hand the British were still able to fire from Dover on the beaches west of Hythe to interfere with landing supplies, and suppressing the shelling was a worthwhile objective. The 1st Mountain Division was on the move again at dawn, but lacked tanks. Almost at once they ran into men of the 34th Division together with tanks of Detachment C and self-propelled guns from Landing Area D who had overnighted near Catsfield. The major action of the second day in the most western of the invasion zones took place around Lewes. The Second Wave consisted of two armoured corps intended to smash around London and force surrender on the British.