chapter  8
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Landing Area C – Rye Bay

Transport Fleet C sailed for the other side of the Dungeness peninsula, on the western flank of the marshes, where the River Rother enters Rye Bay, east of Cliff End and Hastings. The greater part of the fleet loaded in

Antwerp where 50 transport ships and 370 barges were gathered, Calais was

the starting point for 250 barges and 200 motor boats and 40 barges and 40

motor boats put out from Gravelines. The Antwerp convoy faced the

greatest problems in putting to sea as the port is located on the River

Schelde, some distance from the open sea. The navigable part of the river is

narrow with sandbanks and turns as well as being tidal. Just getting out of

the docks and onto the river proper took half an hour for transport vessels

and four times that even in ideal conditions for a batch of eight barges.