chapter  1
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The fall of Norway and France

Transport Fleet C sailed for the other side of the Dungeness peninsula, on the western flank of the marshes, where the River Rother enters Rye Bay, east of Cliff End and Hastings. The pontoon ferries were placed at the head and rear of the fleet in order to have them available for guarding the flanks of the landing area when the line turned through 90 to make its final approach. The shore itself was, for the most part, gently sloping; only at the western end, close to Cliff End, was it steep enough to allow craft to come close in The road west of Rye through Udimore was blocked and barbed wire barriers had been swung into place to complete the line already made north of the Brede Levels. An Operational Base of Brigadier Gubbins's Auxiliary Units had been established at Blackhorse Hill, off the road south-east of Battle and Telham.