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The Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) Party itself also turned on the Bolsheviks in May. By May 1918 units of the Legion were strung out along Russias railway network from the Volga to the Far East. As Trotsky recalled in his memoirs, when he got to the front line, the town of Sviyazhsk, on the other side of the Volga from Kazan, no one knew where Vacieitis was, there was panic everywhere, the situation looked hopeless the fate of the revolution was hanging by a thread. German occupation of Ukraine, and then parts of Russian territory not at first envisaged by the Treaty of Brest Litovsk, meant that these White forces were protected on one flank and able to regroup, and from August 1918 they began a series of assaults on Tsaristyn. In mid December 1918 Kolchak, having settled scores with the SRs, began to advance and on 245 December he captured Perm.