chapter  3
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Trotsky would not agree: the change in Party policy was not serious, just a zigzag; for it to be serious the nature of the Party regime should change and that meant changing the leadership. On 1930 Stalin signalled a retreat, writing an article in Pravda entitled Dizzy with Success, which blamed the chaos of the collectivisation campaign on overzealous officials. Moves to encourage the formation of a Coalition Central Committee were then put in jeopardy by another intemperate outburst from Trotsky. For Stalin the Coalition Central Committee was nothing other than the case of the anti-soviet bloc of Rights and Trotskyists, the title he gave to the last of the purge trials. In 1933, Trotsky was given permission to settle in France by the Radical Prime Minister Edouard Daladier. One of those to meet Trotsky when he arrived at the oil port of Tampico on 9 January was the artist Frida Kahlo, the wife of the painter Diego Rivera.